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This year's design jam has become the Access Makeathon. Check it out!

This year's SIAT Design Jam has become the Access Makeathon. The makeathon will be running from Friday, January 27th to Sunday, January 29th and will connect a person with a disability to a team of makers to build open-source assistive technologies. For more details either head to the Access Makeathon's Eventbrite page, or read on below!

What is the Access Makeathon?

The Access Makeathon is a 48-hour event that connects a person with a disability to a team of makers. Makers will build an open source assistive technology that directly addresses a need of the person they are paired with. It is an opportunity for makers to apply their knowledge and skills to address a real world need of a person. The goal is each team will help a person leave the event with a working prototype that improves their quality of life.

During the event, teams of makers will work with a person with a disability that will come with a predefined goal, and perhaps have an idea on how a solution may work. The person with a disability is an expert in their needs, and is the centre of the team to ensure the created solution meets their needs. Teams will be formed by the organizers before the event and have an opportunity to meet with the person they are assisting to start the creative process.

Makers will be the ones turning an idea into a reality. The maker culture in general supports open-source hardware. Typical interests enjoyed by the maker culture include engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, and the use of CNC tools. For this event, we are looking for people interested in design, electronics and engineering come and make solutions for people with disabilities.

What can I expect of the Makeathon?

  • opportunities to network with other attendees and industry sponsors;
  • attend workshops to build your skills;
  • speakers focused on innovation and accessibility;
  • tools to create and fabricate solutions;
  • mentors to support your project development;
  • free food!
  • the opportunity to create positive change in someone’s life.

Workshops held at the Makeathon

As part of attending the Makeathon, participants will be offered workshops to help up their skills. These workshops will include:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • Introduction to soldering
  • Introduction to Programming on microcomputers


There will be prizes for winning teams, as well as have the opportunity to present their work at the #BCTECH summit at the Vancouver Convention Centre March 14 and 15th.

Sponsors & Collaborators

This event would not be possible with out the sponsorship of the following organizations:

This event is organized by:

Where do I get tickets?

For tickets please head to the Access Makeathon's Eventbrite page.