SIAT Design Jam

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#siatjam2016 is on Saturday, January 23rd at' "The Cave".

I want to jam!

The SIAT Design Jam is back for another year on Saturday, January 23rd (2016) with all proceeds going towards the SIAT Undergraduate Scholarship. Below you can find out about the plan, this year's challenge, team formation, the food, prizes and judges.

What is the jam plan?

Jam is a sugary sweet spread. The SIAT Design Jam is a chance for you and your peers to put your problem solving chops to the test. It's a heated day of mixing ideas, but hey, that's how jam is made! Our day-of schedule

09:30 - 10:00: Registration + toast and jam mixer
10:00 - 10:15: Introduction of the brief
10:15 – 12:15: Jam jam jam
12:15 – 13:15: Lunch (provided by us)
13:15 - 16:15: Jam jam jam
16:15 - 17:15: Presentations + judging
17:15 - 18:00: Prize ceremony

This year's challenge

It will be related to promoting charitability in the modern era! You can be assured that you will require the following skills:

  • a keen ability to ideate
  • generate and prototype solutions
  • sell your ideas vis-a-vis presentations

How do we jam teams together?

We will allow you to come with a friend, but as much as possible, we're going to jam pack your team - of 4 or 5 people - with industry and alumni to make your pretty good jam into a jam of supreme awesomeness!

Coming solo? Don't worry, we'll find you some hip teammates. Bringing your posse of four? Expect to be distributed and pitted against one another in separate teams.

Leave your toast at home

We'll have lunch, snacks, toast and jam taken care of for you. So don't worry about what kind of jam you came for; we'll have some delectable options.

Location, location, location

This year's jam will be held at the splendiferous 'Cave' at 211 East Georgia Street in Vancouver.

Prizes (jam related and not)

For first, second and third place, we will have some most excellent jam and non-jam related prizes sponsored by the awesome Chimp, Mobify and Louder Than 10!

All attendees will also receive some special 'participation assistance' prizes, so make sure to grab your tickets before they sell out.

Prize Sponsor:
Prize Sponsor:
Jam Sponsor:

Judges of jam

Our judging team will be announced soon!

We're looking for those who love (to) jam

If you are interested in supporting the design jam — either through involvement in the event or sponsoring this year's event — please email us to let us know that you are interested as we would love to hear from you!

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